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Any kind of fish or bird is traditionally served whole for Chinese New Year, including the head and feet.

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According to the Chinese symbolism, lobsters symbolize dragons, while chickens symbolize phoenixes and together, they symbolize the unity of the family. The world record for most text messages sent in a day is broken each year during Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year Celebration.

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The public holiday in China for celebrating the New Year lasts 15 days. The holiday is the cause of the largest annual mass human migration in the world, with a number of over 3. Fireworks, traditional lion and dragon dances, lanterns display and street performances mark the 15 days festival, culminating with the Lantern Festival, which takes place on the last day of the Chinese New Year.

The Communist Party under Mao Zedong, which took power in , tried to forbid all religious, feudalistic or superstitious aspects of the holiday. What are some traditions during Chinese New Year? Red is the color associated with fire, which is thought to ward off evil spirits, this is why many Chinese people wear red. Buying gold to welcome the New Year is a common practice in China. Making amends, reconciling with people, avoiding offenses, and reestablishing relationships and friendships are important things to accomplish before the New Year.

Silk, paper and bamboo dragons are part of the New Year celebration. Dragons are legendary creatures that are helpful and friendly.

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They are known to scare away evil spirits, bring wisdom, good luck, wealth and prosperity. A Hoi Nin prayer is said by business people on the second day of Chinese New Year to attract good luck and prosperity in their business for the year.

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If possible, all the people who owe money try to settle their debts before the New Year, as they are considered a bad sign. Borrowing or lending money should also be avoided on New Year, anyone doing so it is said to borrow and lend money all year round. What foods are served on Chinese New Year? To attract wealth, tangerines and oranges are placed in fruit bowl around the house.

Mao wrote several other philosophical treatises, both before and after he assumed power. These include:. All of Mao's poems are in the traditional Chinese verse style. Though Mao may not be one of the best Chinese poets, his poems are generally considered well-written and of high literary quality. As did most Chinese intellectuals of his generation, Mao received rigorous education in Chinese classical literature, and thus his skill in poetry is of little surprise. He is considered to be a romantic poet, in contrast to the realist poets represented by Du Fu.

Many of Mao's poems are still very popular in China. They are frequently quoted in popular culture, literature and daily conversations. Some of his most well-known poems are "Changsha" , "The Double Ninth" General consensus is that his pre works are superior. The Five Ridges wind like gentle ripples, And the majestic Wumeng roll by, globules of clay.

Warm the steep cliffs lapped by the water of Jinsha, Cold the iron chains spanning the Dadu River.

Min Mountain's thousand li of snow joyously crossed, The three Armies march on, each face glowing. Here, Mao was glad all three Red Armies were together.

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This poem was written towards the end of when the Long March was almost finished. There Mao listed some places Red Army had travelled to. Dadu River is at the west part of Sichuan, here in a heroic fight, 22 volunteers carried out a suicide attack on the KMT garrison across the iron-chained Luding Bridge and saved the Red Army from being destroyed. The Min Mountains are a mountain range at the Sichuan-Gansu border area, is already close to the end of Long March's route.